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Poisonous Plants of California

Horses, goats, sheep, and cattle can become ill or die if they eat from a poisonous plant. The best strategy is to keep these plants out of reach. Here are photos, ID info, and poisoning symptoms for more than 30 hazardous ornamental and range plants.

Wildfire Smoke and Horses

Wildfires are a common occurrence in California, especially during the hot summer and fall months and during periods of extended drought.  The past two years have been record-breaking years for wildfires, and there is concern regarding the potential effect of persistent smoke and related air pollution on horses.  Some information and suggestions are offered to serve as a general guide: Learn more about wildfire smoke and its effect on horses.

Heat Advisory for Horses

Many horse events are scheduled during the summer when it is hot.  We have created a poster that you can print out and hang in your or near your barn.  It includes some important tips to prevent heat-related problems in horses, along with a four-point assessment for determining your horse's condition before severe signs of heat exhaustion begins.  Learn more about how to care for your horse in hot weather conditions.

Equine Herpesvirus

For an exclusive section on EHV-1, including information on handling sick horses, diagnostic testing, control measures, etc., click here.

For up-to-date EHV-1 information and additional reading: