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Nominations for the Wilson Award are currently CLOSED.

Residents/house officers, graduate students, and faculty are encouraged to submit nominations by emailing the following (.pdf or .doc) to More than one manuscript per resident/graduate student is permitted.

  • Copy of a manuscript published/accepted for publication in a refereed journal/peer-reviewed scientific proceedings from January 1 - December 31, 2022.
  • Brief biographic sketch of the resident/graduate student CV (education, veterinary work history, and a statement describing current research focus)

James M. Wilson Award for Outstanding Equine Research Publication

This award, established in 1994, is a memorial to the life and veterinary career of James M. Wilson, DVM. A 1945 graduate of The Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Wilson was a well-known and respected racetrack veterinarian in California. During nearly 50 years of practice, he maintained a strong interest in equine research at UC Davis. He was also an enthusiastic participant in many of the School of Veterinary Medicine's continuing education programs. 

Presented to a graduate student or Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital resident, this award recognizes an individual who significantly advances equine health through publication of the year's most outstanding research report.

Past Recipients of the James M. Wilson Award
Year Recipient
1996 Albert J. Kane, DVM, MPVM
1997 Leah Estberg, DVM, PhD
  Kevin K. Haussler, DVM, CD, PhD
1998 Tracey K. Carrier, DVM, MPVM
1999 Jodi F. Hedges, PhD
2000 Nicola Pusterla, DVM, PhD
2001 Ashley Hill, DVM, MPVM
2002 Robert J. Brosnan, DVM, PhD
2003 Julie Baumber, PhD
2004 Jorge Nieto Estrada, DVM
2005 Keith Latson, DVM
2006 Jeffrey W. Norris, PhD
2007 Robert C. Tryon
2008 Jonathan D.C. Anderson
2009 Jacob J. Setterbo
2010 Lucy A. Anthenill
  Stephanie A. Brault
2011 Amanda Arens
2012 Carrie Finno, DVM, PhD
2013 Jacob Setterbo, PhD
2014 Isabelle Kilcoyne, MVB
2015 Jennifer Symons, PhD
2016 Vanessa Dahl
2018 Jennifer Symons, PhD
2019 Regina Zavodovskaya, DVM
2020 Kelly Knickelbein, VMD
2021 Sarah Shaffer
2022 Erin Hales
  Sarah Shaffer
2023 Sarah Shaffer


The California Thoroughbred Foundation Louis R. Rowan Fellowship

The Louis R. Rowan Fellowship, which is funded by donations from the Oak Tree Racing Association, is named in honor of one of the founders of the California Thoroughbred Foundation (CTF). In addition to being a noted racehorse owner and breeder, Louis Rowan was active in many areas that benefited people and horses in the Thoroughbred world.

Past Recipients of the Louis R. Rowan Fellowship
Year Recipient
2001 Meri Phelps, DVM
2002 Meri Phelps, DVM
2003 Sarah Thomasy
2005 Clifton Drew, DVM
2006 Clifton Drew, DVM
2007 Chrisoula Toupadakis
2008 Justin McCormick, MS
2009 Carrie Finno, DVM
2010 Jamie Textor, DVM, DACVS
2012 Laurie K. Bohannon, DVM
2013 Regina Zavodovskaya, DVM
2014 Rana Bozorgmanesh, BVM
2015 Kaitlyn James, MS
2016 Jamie White
2017 Anna Dahlgren
2018 Monica Pechanec
2019 Sarah Shaffer
2022 Cristina Rohlf