Donor Roll

CEH Donor Roll 2020

  • Andrea M. Lee-Royer
    Aurora Pharmaceutical, LLC.
    Colleen & Robert D. Haas Fund / SF Foundation*
    Ellen L. Jackson*
    Goldie Kaszub
    Harriet E. Pfleger Foundation
    Joanne D. Knowles*
    Jon S. and Sarah S. Kelly*
    Kathy Cromwell*
    Lakeside Foundation
    Lisa Mays*
    Mayer-Rothschild Foundation
    McBeth Foundation
    Mohave Valley Riding Club, Inc.
    Platinum Performance, Inc.
    Thornton S. & Katrina D. Glide Foundation
    William C. Banner*
    Yvonne LeMaitre*
  • PARTNERSHIP GIFTS - $1,000 TO $9,999
  • Brockman-Richards Fund / Fidelity
    Cathy Cooper
    Cynthia Smith
    Del Mar Thoroughbred Club
    Diablo Horse Clinic
    Donald & Carole Chaiken Foundation*
    Donald G. and Elizabeth A. Trinchero
    Donna Miller
    Elizabeth D. Whipple
    Equine Veterinary Associates, Inc.
    Equine Veterinary Services
    Feinberg Family Fund / Vanguard Charitable Fund
    Fred W. Doss
    Gerald K. Huff, D.V.M., Ltd.
    Grace and Rex Kamphefner
    Harris Farms, Inc.*
    Jane H. Zuckert
    Jean M. Moe-Cathro
    Jesse Golden
    Joan Roudenbush
    John Cabral
    Juliette W. Suhr*
    Katrin Hacke
    Kristi A. Abrams
    Large Animal Veterinary Associates
    Launce and Joan Gamble*
    LEG Insurance Solutions LLC
    Leslie Spellman
    Linda D. Starkman*
    Lisa Caposio
    Lucky Fund / Santa Barbara Foundation
    Maddi's Friesian Ranch, LLC
    Mary E. Flannery
    Megan Harris
    Mono Way Veterinary Hospital, Inc.
    Nancy J. Stiff & Co., C.P.A.s
    Naomi Weizenbaum
    Napa Valley Equine
    North Coast Veterinary Hospital
    Oakville Fund / Napa Valley Community Foundation
    Patricia S. Yeretzian*
    Ruthlein Toell Foundation, Inc.
    Scarlett C. Hibner
    Sonoma-Marin Veterinary Service
    Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic, Inc.
    Stephanie Boucher Paquin
    Steve Gasparrelli
    Steven P. Matuszak, D.V.M.
    Susan J. Robinson
    Sweet River Equine Clinic, Inc.
    Tracy Acres Equine Sanctuary
    University of Nebraska
    Valerie and Robert Fish
  • Alan M. Furber, Jr.
    Albert and Debra Mack
    Alice A. Fischer
    Alvin R. Barrett
    Amy Wheat
    Andrea Chidley
    Ann Schneeberger
    Anna Blankenheim
    Annamarie M. Saggio
    April D. Armstrong, D.V.M.
    Auburn Equine
    Barbara J. Abate
    Barbara J. Beckworth
    Barbara J. Plunkett, Ph.D.
    Beth A. Wagner
    Bishop Veterinary Hospital, Inc.
    Blair and Susan Hart
    Bozena Kluz
    Brigid A. Murphy, D.V.M.
    Brit and Sharon McLin
    Bruce and Eve Kuesis
    Bryan and Pamela Takamiya
    Caitlin K. Lee
    Calayan Knight
    California Dressage Society
    Carl W. Seymour
    Carol A. Scatena
    Carolyn Killion
    Caskey Family Giving Fund / Fidelity
    Cheri Riva-Heffren and Frank Heffren
    Cheryl and Ronald Jensen
    Christie and Richard Hoffpauer
    Christina Persily
    Christine Lekutis, Ph.D.
    Claudia and Scott Hein
    Cori Phinn
    Craig W. Bostard
    Cynthia and Roger Massey
    David and Dorothy Englund
    David and Theresa Beck-Engel
    David Hofmans
    David S. Bogenrief, D.V.M., Inc.
    Debbie and Paul Smith
    Deborah A. Burge
    Deborah Cianca-Mayer
    Dennis C. Makemson
    Dennis P. Nutter, D.D.S.
    Dexter N. Bergounous
    Diana C. Rentchler
    Diana K. Tani
    Diana Kyle
    Dixie L. Luebcke
    Don Miraco
    Donald and Jacqueline Hagglund
    Donna C. Stidolph
    Donna L. Stevens, V.M.D., M.S.
    Doris and Larry Cutler
    Dorothy Flanagan
    Eileen O'Farrell and Reid Borgwardt
    Eleanor E. Kussman
    Elizabeth K. Drake
    Emily Hansen
    Emma and Joe Duimstra
    Empire Equine Hospital
    Exeter Veterinary Hospital
    Farm Credit West
    Faye and Kenneth Ewbank
    Fern Tablin and Arnold Wolf
    Frances B. Steinwedell
    Frank and Elizabeth Deni
    Frank and Marsha Cuttone
    Fumiko Humberd
    Gail and Keith Leland
    Game 7 PEMF
    Gary E. Hanes, D.V.M.
    Gretchen Waiswilos
    Harold W. Wilson
    Harriet V. Tucker
    Heather Lavelle
    Hyemi Sevening
    Irene Murray and Charles Del Valle
    Ivetta Harte
    J. Paul Getty Trust Employee Match Program
    Jaclyn Childs
    Jacqueline and Rinhardt Kiehn
    James and Beverly Bernardy
    Jane and Charlie Lewis
    Jane Picotte
    Janice Renfrow
    Jean D. Batteux
    Jeanette Mobley
    Jeff and Janice Eggener
    Jenny Johnson, D.V.M.
    Jessica R. Jellison, D.V.M.
    JoAn J. Giannoni
    Jo-Ann and Richard Braden
    John and Sharon Taylor
    John H. Harris, Ph.D.
    Jon R. Elsnab
    Jona L. Consani
    Jorge A. Murga, D.V.M.
    Joseph F. Leisek
    Joy Law
    Joyce A. Haak
    Judith and Warren Branzburg
    Judy and Charles Martin
    Judy Falk
    Julie E. Dechant, D.V.M.
    Karen Mundwiler and Craig Shimizu
    Kari E. Johnson
    Kate Russo-Zoetis
    Kate Skrable
    Kate Wilson
    Katharine D. Graves
    Katherine J. Mackey
    Kathleen C. Stevens
    Kathleen M. Lynch
    Kathryn and Arthur Dublin
    Kathryn R. Goldstone
    Keith and Gail Leland
    Kemset and Ken Moore
    Kenneth and Lyn Anderson
    Kimberly and Thomas Janousek
    Kristen A. Finch, D.V.M.
    Large Animal Vet Service of Santa Cruz, Inc.
    Larry and Doris Cutler
    Larry Mack
    Laura J. Waller
    Laura Mateo
    Leigh S. Cashman
    Leticia M. O'Hara, D.V.M.
    Linda and Jon Elsnab
    Linda Comella
    Linda D. Wuy
    Linda Nickelson
    Linda R. Hughes
    Lindsey A. Lewis, D.V.M.
    Lisa Illick
    Lisa L. Carranza
    Lori A. Hinkelman, M.D.
    Lori and Dennis Prizmich
    Lorinne and Jonathan Griswold
    Los Caballos Equine Practice, Inc.
    Louis F. Brusatori
    Lydia & Thomas Moran Fund / Silicon Valley Community Foundation
    Lyn and Kenneth Anderson
    Lynn McLellan
    Margaret F. Mah
    Margaret Hunt
    Margaret Wong
    Maria L. Valdes, M.D.
    Marilyn Cantey
    Marilyn L. Hampton
    Mark E. Perry
    Marlene and James Jacobus
    Marsha and Frank Cuttone
    Martin Equine Veterinary Practice
    Mary Dahl Christopherson
    Megan Burstein
    Melinda A. Dunn
    Melissa and Kent Lovelady
    Michael and Catherine Falkenstein
    Michael and Kathleen Doherty
    Michele Tomasulo
    Michelle L. Cheever
    Mission Equine Associates
    Molly J. Mrowka, J.D.
    Morrison & Foerster Foundation
    Mountain Peak Performance
    Nadine Joyce
    Nancy A. Szakacs
    Noel and Lynn du Celliee Muller
    Norman and Marion Livermore
    Pacific Coast Equine Veterinary Services, Inc.
    Paige Lewis
    Patricia A. Flanagan
    Patricia Mikkelsen
    Paula Gonsalves
    Peter A. Dykema
    Peter Roney and Kimberly Yarris
    Progressive Equine, Inc.
    Raymond and Lenee Jacobson
    Rebecca L. Kirchner
    Red Rock Equine Dentistry
    Richard and Charlotte Driver
    Richard and Patricia Holgate
    Richard J. Braun
    Richard T. Bender
    Robert and Rebecca Giannoni
    Robert S. Dunn
    Roberta Firoved
    Rochen C. Heers, D.V.M.
    Rochen C. Heers, D.V.M., Inc.
    Ron and Duffy Hurwin
    Ron and Lynn Barendt
    Ronald and Cheryl Jensen
    Sage Rock Veterinary Services P.C.
    Sally Beauford
    Sharleen C. Agvateesiri
    Sharon and John Taylor
    Sharon Lahr
    Sherri L. Miller
    Slate Creek Animal Hospital
    Steven and Kathleen Elowitt
    Sue M. Jobe
    Susan and Blair Hart
    Susan E. Fisher
    Susan Stimson-Sugzda and Raymond Sugzda
    Tara L. Gee, D.V.M.
    Ted Kerfoot
    Ted S. Stashak, D.V.M.
    Ted W. & Ladislas L. Hall Fund / Fidelity
    Templeton Veterinary Clinic, Inc.
    Teresa S. Crocker, D.V.M.
    Terri Riley
    The Wesley and Erin Lohec Fund / AYCO Charitable Foundation
    Thomas E. Tobin
    Thomas and Claudia Casselberry
    Thomas and Janice Tharsing
    Vanessa E. G. Bradley Rood, D.V.M.
    Warren and Judith Branzburg
    Western Performance Equine, Inc.
    Westwood Large Animal Vet Clinic
    William and Carol Misquez
    William R. Kehr

*Indicates Silver Stirrup Society lifetime members. The Silver Stirrup Society is a unique equine organization. It provides the Center for Equine Health with financial support for programs and activities that cannot be funded with current state resources. The Silver Stirrup Society also provides a forum for sharing new advances in equine research and veterinary care. Membership is open to associations, clubs and individuals who contribute $1,000 or more annually to the CEH. Lifetime memberships are offered to donors of larger gifts and bequests of $25,000 or more.

List is current through November 25, 2020. Note: If we inadvertently omitted your name from our list of donors, please let us know!