Layup Services

The Center for Equine Health layup program provides a tranquil barn setting with access to world-class veterinary care.

The Center for Equine Health offers layup boarding with individualized care for horses recovering from illness, injury, surgery, or other procedures requiring time for healing and rehabilitation. We believe that the care of a horse during this period can have a significant impact on how well it recovers from an injury or illness.

Located within minutes of the UC Davis veterinary hospital, our facility is an ideal place where horses can receive individualized care and convenient follow-up visits at the hospital. We also welcome horses that are not patients at the UC Davis veterinary hospital and would be happy to work with your private veterinarian in the care of your horse.

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round. Interested clients may request a private tour of our facilities.


Board includes the following:

  • Housing in individual stall with run
    • 12’ x 12’ stall with 12’ x 12’ attached run
    • 12' x 12' stall with 12' x 24' attached run
    • 12' x 24' stall with attached 12' x 24' run (Availability of the extra large stall may be limited, with priority given to large horses or those with specialized veterinary needs.)
  • Bedding
    • Shavings or straw, based on medical requirements or client preference
  • An individualized feeding program
    • High quality grass hay and alfalfa
    • Our staff is easily able to acquire and feed any additional grain or supplements
  • Daily grooming and personal grooming kit to take home upon departure
  • Daily hand walking or turnout
    • Turnout options include irrigated grass paddocks of varying sizes
  • Blanketing

Medical care is provided by trained equine health technicians who are on call 24 hours a day, including a night staff. The technicians will follow instructions provided by the horse's veterinarian to change dressings, take vital signs, and give medications as well as provide exercise in the form of hand-walking or set-up in our Equineciser.

Transportation to and from the UC Davis veterinary hospital for follow-up visits can be conveniently provided. Our close proximity to the hospital minimizes transport time and stress on your horse.

Other options can be provided at the owner's request, such as:

  • An individualized exercise regimen
  • Specialized grooming and bathing
  • Farrier services

Lay-up Rates

Level of Care Per Diem
Basic Board (a la carte services available at additional cost) $32.00
LAY-UP LEVEL 1; No medication, 5-10 minutes hand walking twice a day or turnout $44.00
LAY-UP LEVEL 2; 1-2 medications, 5-10 minutes hand walking twice a day or turnout $54.00
LAY-UP LEVEL 3; 3-4 medications, 5-10 minutes hand walking twice a day or turnout $64.00
LAY-UP LEVEL 4; 4+ medications, 5-10 minutes hand walking twice a day or turnout $74.00

*Horses must have proof of current (within 6 months) vaccination for influenza and rhinopneumonitis.

Please contact the Center for Equine Health office at (530) 752-6433 or with any questions or to make a reservation.