CEM Quarantine Renovation

Picture of CEH riding arena
CEH riding arena with new all-weather footing

The Center for Equine Health (CEH) at UC Davis serves as the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s California Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM) Quarantine and Treatment Station. CEM is a highly contagious reproductive disease of horses caused by the bacteria Taylorella equigenitalis. Infected mares can experience temporary infertility for one or more breeding cycles, which can have devastating effects on equine reproductive efficiency.

The United States is considered free of CEM and would suffer great economic losses if the disease were to become established in this country. For this reason, the USDA has import requirements for CEM testing and treatment of mares and stallions over 731 days of age from countries where CEM is endemic. Imported horses that fall under the CEM quarantine requirements are trailered from the Los Angeles entry port to our facility where they remain under quarantine for 2 weeks (mares) to approximately 30 days (stallions).

New CEM quarantine stall building at CEH
Newly renovated CEM quarantine building.

In 2018, CEH began to renovate the stalls where these imported horses are housed during their stay, as well as the exercise arena and round pen. Completed improvements include:

  • Complete renovation of two CEM quarantine stalls
  • Larger runs (60’ x 16’) with kickboards
  • Special weatherproof grid system to provide consistent footing in runs
  • Stalls fully matted with seamless matting, including floor and walls
  • Saddle, blanket and bridle racks in stall foyers
  • Riding arena and round pen renovated with brand new, all-weather footing


In addition to these stall upgrades, the UC Davis Center for Equine Health continues to offer: 

Newly renovated CEM quarantine stall and run
Newly renovated CEM quarantine stall and run.
  • Top quality care from our experienced team of technicians and veterinarians                         
  • Customized exercise programs with our rider, Alan Pymont
  • Specialized farrier service
  • Free Flow Equicizer™ exercise program

Plans to upgrade the remaining quarantine stalls are underway and upgraded CEM quarantine building naming opportunities are available. Donor recognition includes:

  • VIP use of the named building for any imported horse or associate’s horse
  • Memorial plaque on sponsored building in honor of a horse, person, or foundation
  • Inclusion in the Center for Equine Health ‘Silver Stirrup’ donor honor roll


For more information about these opportunities, and to see pictures of the upgraded facilities, please visit the CEM quarantine page.