"For several years I’ve been bringing my 17-year-old special needs mare to the Center for Equine Health for layup when I’m away from home for an extended time. I’ve tried other layup facilities, but found my mare does best at the CEH with their 24x7 care and ability to handle her special feed and medication schedule. The CEH has become her second home and we are both happy with the great staff who are super nice, experienced professionals, well trained, and able to do whatever is needed to care for her. Their daily text updates and pictures allow me to relax and enjoy my trip knowing she is in good hands, getting the best of care, and veterinary services are immediately available, if needed." - Michele (October 2020)

"I am very grateful to CEH for taking care of my horse's rehab while I was undergoing medical treatments of my own. Not only did they take special care to keep her on track, they also sent pictures and updates to me so that I really did not need to worry about her status. She even had a special buddy to keep her company. On top of all this, I had access to top veterinary and hoof care as needed. I have no regrets as CEH really helped us to get through a difficult period in our lives." - Lorie (October 2019)

"My horse had a potentially fatal illness - internal pigeon fever. When she was cleared to leave the hospital, I looked for a layup facility. After speaking with and meeting the people at UCD CEH, I was not worried about leaving my mare in their care. They were knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. My mare is fine, and I believe it is because of the care she received at CEH." - Toni (June 2019)

“I am so thankful for the care that my horse received at CEH following his 16 days in isolation at the UC Davis Large Animal Clinic. The option of transferring him to CEH was offered to me by his vet and was the perfect choice, allowing him time to recover from a serious illness in a supportive environment. He was monitored 24 hours a day by the wonderful vet techs who cared for him and who were in daily contact with the veterinarians overseeing his recovery. The staff at CEH is compassionate and generous with their time, and they also provided me with the emotional support I needed after almost losing my beloved partner. CEH is a wonderful option for animals that have been discharged from the veterinary hospital but are not quite ready to return home. CEH gave me complete peace of mind that my horse was in excellent hands and receiving the care that I would not have been able to give him at our home barn.” - Debby (February 2019)


Picture of horse grazing with a CEH technician.