Health Topics

Neonatal Maladjustment Syndrome in Foals

May 10, 2021
Foals with neonatal maladjustment syndrome, also known as “dummy foals”, appear healthy at birth, but soon exhibit neurological abnormalities.


March 29, 2021
Tetanus is a potentially fatal disease characterized by muscular spasms caused by a bacterial neurotoxin.

Tetralogy of Fallot

February 18, 2021
Tetralogy of Fallot is a set of four cardiovascular defects that affect the flow of blood through the heart.

Flexural Limb Deformity

January 11, 2021
Flexural limb deformity occurs in young foals and can take two forms: contracted tendons and laxity.


December 10, 2020
Distichiasis is an eye condition in which eyelashes grow from an abnormal position along the eyelid.


October 13, 2020
All mammals are susceptible to rabies and it has the highest case fatality ratio of any infectious disease.

Equine Nebulizers

September 01, 2020
Nebulizers deliver a specific dose of medication in liquid form directly into the airways for rapid effects.

Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis (VEE)

August 28, 2020
Venezuelan equine encephalitis (VEE) is a viral, vector-borne disease in horses and humans that causes inflammation of the brain.