Rowan Fellowship Award

The Center for Equine Health is proud to announce that DVM/PHD candidate Jamie White has been awarded the 2016 Rowan Fellowship by the California Thoroughbred Foundation. Jamie is working with a world renowned team, headed by Dr. Kyriacos Athanasiou, to bioengineer a cartilage implant that could be utilized to re-surface the equine joint. This work is likely to have significant translational implications for human athletes as well.

Jamie White comes from a diverse research background, which includes a combined nine years of experience in endocrinology, genetics, stem cell, and tissue engineering laboratories. Ms. White completed an undergraduate degree in Biology at Northwestern University and has worked as a research assistant in the Carthew lab at Northwestern University as well as the Brunet lab at Stanford University, before starting her graduate education at UC Davis. Ms. White is currently in the Veterinary Scientist Training Program (VSTP), working toward a DVM and PhD in Integrative Pathobiology. She has completed her first two years of the veterinary school curriculum and is now in her second year of a PhD in the Athanasiou lab. During her tenure in the VSTP, Ms. White hopes to launch a career as an equine surgeon and orthopedic researcher. She has chosen to focus her research efforts on cartilage regeneration because joint disease remains one of the more elusive challenges to both human and veterinary medicine. Through her work in the Athanasiou lab, Ms. White hopes to contribute to a further understanding of cartilage tissue engineering and mesenchymal stem cell chondrogenesis- which is the use of stem cells to generate cartilage.

The Louis R. Rowan Fellowship, which is funded by donations from the Oak Tree Racing Association, was established in memory of one of the California Thoroughbred Foundation’s founders. In addition to being a noted racehorse owner and breeder, Lou Rowen was active in many areas that benefitted people and horses in the Thoroughbred world.