CEM Quarantine Update


In 2016, several stakeholder meetings were held across California and surveys were distributed regarding the CEM Import quarantine located in Davis. The results from these meetings and surveys indicated the horse industry was interested in Southern California UC Davis-managed CEM import quarantine facilities. In response, UC Davis solicited the industry for potential facilities to consider. Within the year following the request, only two facility proposals were submitted. Unfortunately, both of these facilities failed to meet the needs of the UC Davis proposed business model. Although the industry voices support for a Southern California UC Davis-managed CEM quarantine, the industry has failed to come forward with appropriate facilities.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and the CEH have elected to revisit CEM quarantine relocation again in five years if industry can provide a facility that meets the business model.  Until then, funding will be directed to address the concerns voiced during stakeholder meetings and in the surveys. These prioritized capital improvements have begun and plans are underway to update the fencing and footing within the external runs and to enhance lighting at the UC Davis CEM facility.  We have recently upgraded our turnout footing to provide better traction during the wet season. The CEM quarantine technicians now provide daily updates and photographs of each imported horse to the owner or agent and continue to deliver personalized care to each of the horses.

Alan Pymont has joined the CEH team to offer exercise and transportation. Alan is an accomplished horseman with over 30 years’ experience handling, riding, competing and training of horses in all disciplines.  He has his own horses competing and winning on the show-jumping circuit.  Alan has been riding horse at UC Davis quarantine for two years.  He can create an exercise plan for your horse while in quarantine to suite your needs. Additionally, Alan can haul your horse from LAX airport to the UC Davis CEM quarantine facility and then deliver your horse upon release to your barn or directly to a show.

The CEH plans to host an open house to showcase the new facilities in the coming year. Be sure to check the website regarding facility updates and for testimonials regarding the improved facility and services offered at the Center for Equine Health.